2006 Ford E350

Very Special Van This 2006 E-350 is very unique. Starting out it is a two owner with a clean CARFAX. The 2nd owner kept every Oil Change, Maintenance, and Service Record since 2010 and we have originals of all of them. It is very well taken care of and maintained. Next is that it is Super Clean and very rust free. It almost looks like it rolled off the factory line. Now for the Unique part, it ...

2008 Ford E350

HIGH TOP EXTENDED LENGTH WHEELCHAIR VAN! This 2008 Ford Econoline E-350 has been equipped with the means to assist those with limited mobility! The roof has been raised to provide more headroom, and to make moving around the van much easier! The wheelchair lift is located in the rear of the van, and there are many tie down points and straps so everyone can arrive at the destination safely! This...
2012 FORD E-SERIES, WOW VERY SPACIOUS WALK IN!!This 2012 Ford Econoline E-350 has been fit with a large walk in utility body that allows you to store and organize tools and equipment as well as work out of the rear! It has utility boxes on the sides of the unit, which also provide alarm and keep your things out of the elements, and the back of this unit is tall and 12ft long so you can store yo...
2007 Ford Econoline Commercial Cutaway, E-350 Super Duty, Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Duty Walk In Utility! This 2006 Ford Econoline E-350 Walk In Utility van has all kinds of available storage in the exterior boxes so you can bring whatever kind of tools and equipment you might need to get the job done! This isn't just your average E-350.... This E-350 is powered by a 6.0L Powerstroke turbo die...
Cargo Van w/ Generator unit!! This 2010 Ford Econoline E-350 is not like you average cargo van... This van has been equipped with a Cummins power generator, and comes with many other options you don't typically see on other cargo vans! This van also has two 120 V power points and a 230 V power point on the side of the van for your high voltage needs! The 1 ton chassis can handle the heavy loads...
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